The Facts

Get all of the juicy details behind our delicious bottled beverages! The facts: why juice, and what are the benefits of juicing?

the facts


{Why Juice?}

Juicing allows vitamins, minerals and enzymes from fruits and vegetables to be in their most absorbable state for your body to efficiently use them. In fact, 95% of vitamins and enzymes that we need are found in the juice of raw produce. We think drinking the right juice could be considered better than taking your multivitamin. Drinking juice before or between meals, makes it easier for the body to attain and feel the benefits of the nutrients nourishing your body.


The benefits of juicing are endless. From aiding in digestion, alleviating allergies and respiratory disorders, boosting the immune system, supporting your metabolism and balancing your life. Let’s not forget about the high amounts of antioxidants that are present in your fruits and veggies, which reduce the negative effects of stress in the body’s cells. We will guide you to choose the right juice for you. Just like any practice, your juice needs may vary from day to day.



{Locally + Cold-pressed}

We proudly press a Goodnature Hydraulic Cold-Press Juicer that allows for even pressure on fruit and vegetables. Our juice is squeezed slowly and evenly, so juice is extracted without over-crushing cells or creating unwanted heat. It is more nutritious and has a longer shelf-life. Centrifugal and masticating juicers are high-speed that create more heat, which increases the oxidation of raw juice, losing many nutrients and enzymes.

It is best when there are local and organic produce in your juice for flavor, nutrients and sustainability. We choose 50% local to support our community and to provide you with freshest ingredients. We choose 100% organic to ensure the most nutrients are gently extracted into our juices. Recent studies have shown an increase in nutrient density in organically grown produce compared to conventionally grown produce. Organic farming methods build the quality of soil and minimize the use of toxins, such as pesticides and herbicides.


{Why glass?}

We strive to be the most environmentally friendly and sustainably sound as we can. Plastic simply doesn’t cut it for freshness and quality with potentially leaching chemicals into juice. Glass is the safest option for ensuring taste and freshness.

DEPOSIT PROGRAM: We offer ¢.50 back on every returned bottle towards your next juice. We wash, sanitize + reuse the bottles to reduce our waste!